How authenticated data benefits both publishers and marketers

The death of the cookie threatens to put a significant amount of publisher revenue at risk. To maintain it, publishers need to invest in creating more valuable and engaged audiences that are appealing to marketers.

Whilst publishers have been hearing endlessly that they need to invest in first-party data, the reality is if they don’t have the capabilities to deepen user relationships and take control of their inventory (and subsequently the amount of ad spend they can earn), then they’re missing out on major value.

This webinar will show how a solid authentication strategy can benefit both marketers and publishers, and strengthen the relationships between the two in a way that has never been possible. Hear perspectives from Dennis Publishing, Sourcepoint and Mediamath on:

- How publishers can scale authentications to thrive in a world beyond the cookie
- How authentications benefit publishers’ advertiser clients
- How addressability can balance with contextual advertising

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Alex Kirby 
Global Head of Programmatic and Commercial Data
Dennis Publishing Ltd
Chloe Grutchfield
SVP, Product
Viktor Zawadzki
Ryan Afshar
Head of Publishers, UK