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Understand the surge in data collaboration demand and solutions.

Our ever-changing data landscape makes it challenging for brands and media owners to understand their audiences and build a competitive advantage. Identifier restrictions, continuing privacy regulations, and competition for ad revenue all contribute to gaps in customer intelligence.

To help companies build a connected view of the customer, new data collaboration solutions have arisen. Brands and media owners must understand the landscape of solutions available and how each approaches data privacy and availability to better serve their customers.

Read this Winterberry Group report to learn:
1. What’s driving interest and experimentation with data collaboration today
2. The data collaboration solutions available and the broad use cases they support
3. A four-step implementation road map for media buying and measurement use cases

Want to understand why data collaboration is a major trend? Read this Winterberry Group report to learn about the data collaboration technologies serving brands’ and media owners’ needs for better customer intelligence.