Actionable Steps to Ensure Your Business Is Resilient
An economic recession in 2020 seems inevitable. Successfully navigating such conditions depends on how businesses prepare and react to changing times, and on their readiness for change.

While a downturn can cause more pressure on budgets and margins, embracing these strategies to recession-proof your business can ensure investments are delivering the highest possible return on the dollar, and reassure your customers that you remain committed to meeting their needs in a changing environment.

Watch our webinar to learn:
  • Why resilient businesses aggressively pursue higher marketing performance in times of economic downturn
  • Ways your business can spend smarter to increase business productivity and accountability
  • Which strategies marketing leaders have taken in past recessions to bolster existing customer relationships, steal market share, and engage new prospects
  • How to protect essential spending by clearly demonstrating the impact on both short-term and long-term business outcomes

Join industry experts Laura Desmond, Founder and CEO of Eagle Vista Partners and former Global CEO for Starcom MediaVest Group, Laura McElhinney, Chief Data Officer of Horizon Media, and Jim Nail, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester as they discuss how brands can spend smarter in a challenging economy.
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Laura Desmond
Founder & CEO
Eagle Vista Partners,
former Global CEO.
Starcom MediaVest Group
Jim Nail
VP & Principal Analyst
Laura McElhinney
Chief Data Officer of Horizon Media