Advertising Week 2020 Webinar Replay
With seismic shifts in viewing habits and new platforms and major players entering the field, the industry has demanded more addressable inventory, and TV inventory owners have met the request through innovation.

In this replay from Advertising Week 2020, Craig Berkley, Head of Revenue, LiveRamp TV leads a panel featuring Sean Adams, Senior Director, Global Ad Platform at Roku, Megan Halscheid, Director at Publicis Media, and Kemal Bokhari, General Manager, Data and Analytics at DISH Media Sales, discussing current addressable needs from all angles: viewers, inventory owners, and advertisers—and what lies ahead for the ecosystem.

Key takeaways include:
  • How the current environment amplified existing challenges with addressable TV at an inflection point
  • Why sellers are hearing a consistent demand for innovation and addressable inventory
  • Why the future of TV is bright as buyers and sellers work together in a way that will successfully enable addressable to stand as a pillar on all TV marketing plans
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