Can you connect the dots from marketing to sales?
Marketing attribution in B2B is like trying to identify a particular piece of hay in a haystack.

Not only is there a complicated multistage purchase funnel, there’s also the major issue of not being able to link up offline and online activity (and, if we’re being honest, even some online-to-online activity).

If you can’t link all the pieces of the puzzle, you’re left with only half-blind attribution. Figuring out which of your marketing activities is actually driving a sale is basically an educated guess.

In this handy eBook we look at:
  • Why marketing attribution is so difficult in B2B
  • The current methods of attribution and their shortcomings
  • The online/offline divide in B2B marketing
  • How data unification can solve the half-blind issue
Fancy living in a world where you know which of your efforts leads to results?

Let’s make it a reality.
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