Identity is context in the age of the customer

Data has changed the face of modern marketing. But transforming your organization to establish a data-driven culture is no small feat.

Today’s consumers expect a relevant brand experience at every touch point. The problem? You can’t customize your marketing if you don’t know who you’re interacting with.

In this report, The Strategic Role of Identity Resolution, Forrester Research explains how to harness Identity Resolution to build an omnichannel view of the consumer so you can provide a personalized and seamless brand experience.

After reading this report, you will learn:

    • What Identity Resolution is, and how it connects multiple sources of information to create a single, omnichannel view of the consumer.
    • Why identity resolution is the strategic foundation for robust targeting, personalization, and addressability across touchpoints and devices.
    • How to implement an identity resolution process that incorporates data collection, integration, and distribution for marketing applications.