How to make cross-channel marketing a reality

How to make cross-channel
marketing a reality

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Overcoming Fragmentation

The world in which your marketing exists is a fragmented mess. The world in which your marketers create those messages is even worse.

The puddles of customer data that are distributed unevenly across your marketing applications hold the key to improving the effectiveness of your marketing. But as long as they live in silos, everything you do is going to be hamstrung by the fact that you can't connect even the most basic dots

Without the ability to connect the dots: 

  • You can't see the whole customer journey
  • You can't measure your marketing accurately
  • You can't tell which investments worked
  • You can't market consistently across channels
  • You can't seize the opportunities that are sitting right in front of you

Connect the Dots

Data onboarding is a simple but hugely powerful way to connect your data silos so you can act on everything you know about your customers and prospects.  

Data onboarding is a cloud service that does these things:

  • Imports and anonymizes your customer records
  • Matches those records to connected devices
  • Distributes audience segments to your preferred marketing applications and media platforms

It sounds simple, but the mechanics are pretty intense – and the implications are enormous.

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