Today’s online consumer has high expectations about the digital shopping experience

In the effort to grow customer lifetime value, search marketers try to target consumers with the right message, on the right screen, at the right time, and more often than not, their efforts miss the mark.

The problem is that paid search continues to be a relatively anonymous channel.

People-based search marketing offers a new way for search marketers to target people rather than cookies or digital IDs. By leveraging their first-party CRM data, search marketers can create and build targeted campaigns to specific groups of customers.

That’s what this whitepaper is all about. Read it to learn:

  • What online retailer CustomInk did to improve its paid search clickthroughs and conversions
  • How to use Google Customer Match to apply a people-based marketing approach to search and improve targeting, relevance, and results
  • The impact of combining LiveRamp with Google Customer Match to provide campaign scale and drive better match rates