More marketers are turning to people-based marketing. A recent survey we conducted showed 84% of marketers want people-based marketing solutions across all their digital channels.

Publishers that are addressing this need are finding new revenue opportunities, from advertising solutions using custom advertiser audience targets to new avenues for data monetization.

In this webinar, LiveRamp and Time Inc. will provide an introduction to people-based marketing and why marketers are so keen to adopt it, including real examples of how publishers can take advantage of people-based marketing solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why marketers are adopting people-based marketing, and how they are using it
  • How IdentityLink enables people-based marketing capabilities for publishers to offer their advertisers
  • What new revenue opportunities people-based marketing creates for publishers
  • Why Time Inc. has embraced people-based solutions and how they are evolving their offerings
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Joe Lyons
VP, Strategic Partnerships
Tyler Imoto
Senior Director, Advertising Data Solutions
Time Inc.