WTF is People-Based Marketing?
After the data-revolution, marketers were left wanting. They knew so much about their audience, but they weren’t connecting with their consumers.

That’s where people-based marketing came in.

But that doesn’t answer the question, WTF is people-based marketing?

We teamed up with Digiday to dig into the origins of the approach that has taken marketing by storm, bring you up to speed, and prepare you for the next steps.

Read this guide from Digiday to learn:

- The forces that converged to create people-based marketing and why marketers are eager to adopt the approach
- The inside scoop on the data landscape that allows marketers to see the full picture of their customers and treat them like people
- How to make first-party data, persistent IDs, CRM databases, and the data marketplace work together to build a complete view of your customer
- What technology has developed to make people-based marketing available across the digital marketing ecosystem